Fellows Project Aspiring Materials

Aspiring Materials is tackling industrial CO2 emissions from two angles – what goes in and what comes out. And we’re using commonly found rocks to do it.


Heavy industry is a major part of society today, but it also is a significant contributor of CO2 emissions each year. Removing carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere is essential to achieving net-zero global emissions by 2050, and we need scalable solutions to reduce and capture emissions in the sector.

Aspiring Materials has developed a globally scalable process that can mineralize atmospheric or industrial CO2.  The closed-loop, no-waste, zero emission process transforms magnesium-rich rocks into high purity materials that will rapidly and safely offset or capture CO2. One such product is magnesium hydroxide, which directly and rapidly mineralizes atmospheric and industrial CO2. The technology can also help to decarbonize inputs to cement, fertilizers, electric vehicle batteries, refractories, and water treatment and steel industries.

Their unique process allows for the generation of credible, high-quality carbon offsets that are easily verified by direct observation and measurement. Aspiring Materials has the potential to turn off some of biggest CO2 emissions taps, making massive strides towards a net-zero emissions world.