Fellows Project CemVision AB

CemVision AB combines three different technologies into one process to reduce carbon emissions from cement and concrete production.


Concrete is the most widely used resource in the world after water, and the production of cement—the main component of concrete—is one of the biggest polluters on the planet responsible for over 7% of global CO2 emissions.

CemVision is using an algorithmic approach to cement production to reduce CO2 emissions of our most important building material. CemVision’s approach replaces fossil limestone with waste materials and switches fuels such as plastic and coal for green thermal energy. CemVision creates a non-traditional cement type that has not only superior product properties compared to traditional Portland cement but also a lower carbon footprint due to the reduced need for limestone. CemVision’s low-carbon cement resembles specialty cements that were previously too expensive to use in general construction. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, CemVision’s novel cement technology makes concrete construction faster and more resource efficient.

CemVision’s technology aims at pushing cement and concrete construction toward net-zero emissions. Through the Fellows program, CemVision AB will develop the technology and intellectual property in order to scale their solution for meaningful production.