Fellows Project EvolOH

EvolOH (ee VOH loh) is blazing a path toward low-cost, green hydrogen production using innovative electrolyzer materials and hardware.

About the Project

Green hydrogen produced using renewable energy and water can eliminate several gigatons of CO₂ per year for hard-to-abate sectors, such as heavy-duty trucks, shipping, airplanes, fertilizer and steel production, industrial heat, and long-duration energy storage. One dollar per kilogram is the tipping point for widespread adoption of hydrogen as a carbon-free, portable energy carrier in these and other energy sectors worldwide.

EvolOH is developing a novel Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolyzer that has the potential to achieve $1/kg-H2. Their proprietary electrolyzer technology results in a highly scalable, solid-state device using earth-abundant materials to split pure water into oxygen and hydrogen without the need for caustic liquid electrolytes.

EvolOH’s innovative materials and design enable high-speed manufacturing, increased lifetime, and improved efficiency compared to current technologies. These benefits will be transformative to achieving the necessary price point for hydrogen in our low-carbon future.