Fellows Project Hertha

Steel manufacturing accounts for more than 8% of global CO2 emissions, and demand for steel has increased considerably in recent years. Hertha is developing an iron and steel manufacturing process that replaces coal with renewable power and hydrogen to reduce sector emissions by more than 95%. Hertha’s technology offers a scalable solution to manufacturing that is cost-competitive to traditional processes.


Today, primary steelmaking relies heavily on coal as a chemical agent and energy source, while some greener steelmaking processes are more complex and dependent on particular, expensive materials such as high-grade iron ore. Hertha’s technology harnesses green hydrogen and electric arcs—enabling production from low-grade ores and smelting reduction at costs competitive to today’s primary steelmaking.

Hertha has reimagined the design of existing furnaces—incorporating new methods of both hydrogen injection and iron-ore handling to overcome the obstacles that have thus far prevented successful scaling of hydrogen-electric steelmaking. By leveraging existing steel infrastructure and scientific fundamentals, Hertha presents a scalable solution to decarbonize the integral processes of modern manufacturing.