Fellows Project Hgen

Hgen enables cheaper and more efficient clean hydrogen production that seamlessly integrates with renewable energy systems.


Hydrogen has the potential to reduce emissions across hard-to-abate sectors—from steel and ammonia production to ocean freight and long-duration energy storage. However, incumbent electrolyzer technology for generating hydrogen is not compatible with production from variable renewable energy sources, preventing the scale-up of truly clean hydrogen production.

Hgen’s electrolysis technology allows clean hydrogen to be generated from solar and wind, solving for the performance challenges introduced by intermittent power losses (when the sun doesn’t shine or wind doesn’t blow). Their innovative solution prevents the problems associated with power loss—like performance degradation and gas impurity—allowing clean hydrogen production to better integrate with today’s renewable energy system.

Hgen’s technology leverages a vertically integrated, modular design to enable mass production and cost efficiencies. Through a higher-efficiency and lower-cost architecture, Hgen enables cheaper $/kg clean hydrogen production.

Clean hydrogen can be used to reduce up to 25% of carbon emissions in hard-to-abate industries, and Hgen’s inventive, scalable technology will play an important role in reaching this goal.