Fellows Project Holocene

Holocene is developing a direct air carbon capture system that utilizes organic chemical compounds to increase capture efficiencies and reduce energy consumption by lowering regeneration temperatures.


Removing carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere is essential to achieving net-zero global emissions by 2050. Large-scale solutions to capture and permanently store carbon are needed to supplement natural, ecological processes like photosynthesis that store CO2in trees and soil.

Holocene is developing a regenerative direct air capture system that employs two novel organic chemistry compounds: one to increase the absorption capacity of water for carbon dioxide and one to remove the carbon dioxide through precipitation. The concentrated CO2 is to be stored underground or aboveground in alkaline wastes. Both chemical compounds are fully recycled through the process and can be integrated with traditional chemical engineering processes and widely available equipment. By using low-temperature regeneration of the compounds used in the direct air capture process, Holocene’s solution requires less energy than current technologies, has the advantages of solution-based continuous processes, and can be operated with renewable energy power sources.

Holocene can provide low-cost and easily-scalable carbon removal from the atmosphere.