Fellows Project Litherm Technologies

Litherm Technologies GmbH is electrifying key processes in lime and cement production to eliminate fossil fuel-generated CO2 emissions—and capturing remaining emissions for storage.


Concrete is the most widely used resource in the world after water, and the production of cement—the main component of concrete—is one of the biggest polluters on the planet.

Litherm Technologies GmbH is developing an electric heated reactor to replace conventional fossil fuel fired kilns. The patented process uses clean energy sources and eliminates CO2 emissions from fossil fuels in lime and cement production. In addition, Litherm’s approach uses indirect heating which concentrates the CO2 byproducts for capture and storage.

Cement production accounts for nearly 8% of global CO2 emissions. Electrifying lime and cement production with clean energy sources has the potential to eliminate hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 emissions by 2050.