Fellows Project Mantel

Mantel is developing the first high-temperature liquid-phase carbon capture materials for use in industrial processes that could substantially reduce costs and energy losses relative to incumbent technologies.


Capturing carbon dioxide is essential to achieving net-zero global emissions by 2050. Carbon capture is especially important in the hard-to-abate industrial sectors, like steel making.

Mantel is developing the first liquid-phase, molten salt-based carbon capture process that is compatible with the high temperatures found inside boilers, kilns, and furnaces. Most existing carbon capture technologies require low temperatures to operate, which leads to high levels of thermal loss (i.e., wasted energy) and results in reduced efficiency and increased operating costs.

By operating at high temperatures and using liquid materials, Mantel is able to take advantage of the heat generated from the capture process to produce additional useful energy. Mantel’s solution is tailored to meet the needs of heavy-polluting industrial processes that are extremely difficult to decarbonize and help the global economy reach net zero.