Fellows Project Marathon Fusion

Marathon Fusion designs, engineers, and scales next-generation fuel-processing technologies to enable the deployment and scale-up of fusion power plants.


Fusion energy has the potential to decarbonize a huge segment of the global electricity market over the next few decades, but only if it can be deployed quickly and economically. To do this, fusion power plants must be able to recycle fuel rapidly and reliably, but right now, the technology to do this only exists at lab-scale.

Marathon Fusion is working to commercialize a fuel processing component using the concept of hydrogen superpermeation – the ability of hydrogen atoms or similar isotopes to move though certain materials at a significantly higher rate. Their fuel processing technology – metal foil pumps – could help accelerate fusion systems into pilot plants within a decade. Compared to conventional technologies, Marathon’s approach enables a dramatic reduction in tritium inventory and fuel processing cost while easing engineering requirements on other critical systems.

By identifying key gaps in fusion fuel cycle technologies and advancing research and development on commercially relevant timelines, Marathon Fusion will help enable the safe and scalable deployment of fusion energy.