Fellows Project Molten Industries

Molten Industries is developing a process to create low-cost hydrogen that avoids carbon emissions while consuming seven times less renewable electricity.


Today, the world produces nearly 100 million tons of hydrogen by leveraging steam to break down methane. Hydrogen has the potential to be an invaluable part of our global energy mix due to its versatility, and the ability to increase storage capacity for renewables and decarbonize hard-to-abate industries. Yet, the current methane production process is responsible for about 10 tons of carbon emissions per ton of hydrogen produced. Similarly, while clean methods of hydrogen production exist—like electrolysis—they rely on large amounts of renewable wind and solar energy.

Molten Industries is developing a simple process using methane pyrolysis technology to thermally decompose methane into solid carbon particles and hydrogen gas, avoiding gaseous carbon emissions that can leak into the atmosphere. Their solution is less energy intensive—using seven times less electricity than electrolysis—and can use existing natural gas networks to produce clean hydrogen at points of consumption.

Hydrogen’s versatility and potential to decarbonize heavy industries makes it essential to reaching net zero. Molten Industries hydrogen production solution provides an energy-efficient alternative to producing scalable clean energy.