Fellows Project Novel Farms

Novel Farms is developing a scaffolding platform designed to enable the cost-effective production of whole cuts of cultivated meat at large-scale, accelerating the widespread adoption of this sustainable source of animal protein.


Meat produced through traditional industrial animal farming processes is accountable for approximately 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Cultivated meat production, on the other hand, has the potential to yield a marginal carbon footprint while providing sustainable and cruelty-free animal protein. Currently, the prohibitively high cost of animal cell culture media is the primary barrier to the economic viability of producing cultivated meat products.

 Novel Farms leverages a novel microbial fermentation approach to develop a scaffolding platform that can significantly reduce production costs while providing an ideal surface to produce structured cultivated meat products. Their proprietary technology enables the incorporation of growth factors into the scaffolding as fixed features, thus eliminating the need for expensive animal cell culture media.

Developing cost-efficient methods for cultivated meat production will be vital in satisfying the growing demand for animal protein while avoiding the deforestation, carbon emissions, and biodiversity loss from industrial animal farming.