Fellows Project Olokun Minerals

Olokun Minerals uses a mineral recovery process to provide mineral-based products sustainably sourced for a variety of industries.


Clean energy technology production and adoption are accelerating fast to get to net zero emissions by 2050 – this requires significant amounts of critical minerals, which have potential supply risks and are currently mined using carbon intensive methods. Olokun Minerals is developing a new way to extract multiple minerals, like lithium and magnesium, from brines without the use of harsh chemicals to create products than can be used in concrete, fertilizers, and batteries.

Olokun uses a mineral recovery process that includes a separation step, leveraging a novel resin to recover minerals from salty wastewaters with a reduced chemical footprint. This process produces cleaner water that can be reclaimed, while creating metal salts that can then be converted into compounds used for batteries.

Ultimately, this approach allows for multiple minerals to be recovered simultaneously, providing a more efficient and cost-effective way to source the metals needed for renewable energy technologies with a smaller environmental footprint.