Fellows Project Othersphere

Othersphere’s search engine for global infrastructure helps developers, financiers, and operators build better projects faster.


Reaching our collective climate goals requires rapid, large-scale deployment of new industrial infrastructure. However, this is often hindered by the archaic processes used to conceptualize, assess, and align stakeholders around project development.

To address this challenge, Othersphere has created a spatial computation platform which indexes human, market, and environmental variables at each location around the world. Its first product is a software tool is focused on hydrogen, where economics, emissions, and local fit are simultaneously assessed for over 180 million potential project locations. The underlying platform will grow to support an increasing number of commodities and stakeholder groups as it scales.

Othersphere exists to enable sustainable, equitable human prosperity by accelerating development of projects with lower green premiums and stronger fundamentals. Its impact will be measured in the cumulative emissions reductions and economic growth it enables.