Fellows Project Phase Biolabs

Phase Biolabs leverages modified microorganisms to recycle carbon dioxide more efficiently into cost-competitive carbon-negative chemicals and carbon-neutral electrofuels.


Industrial and chemical production processes are one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide. Decarbonizing these activities and repurposing their carbon emissions will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and could lead to opportunities for new revenue streams through the development of cost-competitive fuels and chemicals.

Phase Biolabs engineers microorganisms that are six times more efficient and 100 times faster at converting CO2 into electrofuels than typical plants or algae. Using a fermentation process similar to how beer and wine are made, the novel approach uses the modified microorganisms and clean hydrogen to convert CO2 into ethanol and other fuels that are cost-competitive with fossil fuels and petrochemicals.

Industrial emitters of CO2 can leverage this process to recycle their emissions into new revenue streams, offering a new tool to incentivize and facilitate emission reductions. By 2050, Phase Biolabs hopes to capture and recycle one gigaton of CO2 every year.