Fellows Project RIFT

Renewable Iron Fuel Technology (RIFT) is leveraging hydrogen and the rusting properties of iron to produce carbon-neutral energy for heat-intensive industries.


More than 40% of global CO2 emissions originate from energy-intensive industries. Businesses in district heating, industrial processing, and electricity generation are experiencing increasing pressure to become net-zero, but cannot do so as there is no suitable technology available.

Renewable Iron Fuel Technology (RIFT) is creating systems that produce carbon-free heat for energy-intensive industries by rusting and unrusting iron. Rusting, or combustion, of iron fuel yields zero-carbon heat that can be turned into hot water or steam and fed to energy-intensive industries. The resulting iron oxide can be easily stored and transported, then turned back into iron powder through a chemical reaction with hydrogen and reused.

Using existing infrastructure for energy distribution, RIFT’s technology has the potential to decarbonize district heating, industrial processes, and electricity plants.