Fellows Project Unemit

Unemit’s direct air capture technology is scalable to gigatons, swift in its path there, and sustainable.


Direct air capture (DAC) of atmospheric CO2 is one of few ways to address historical emissions and residual hard-to-abate emissions.

Unemit’s DAC technology is designed from the ground up to be scalable to gigatons, swift in its path there, and sustainable. Each aspect of the technology is being tailored to steer clear of potential bottlenecks by relying on existing supply chains already operating at massive scale. Carbon dioxide is captured from air in contactors that are modular and factory-assembled, which simplifies deployment and enables rapid learning to bring down cost. Extracting CO2 from the chemical sorbent is accomplished with low-temperature heat, and is done centrally in an energy-efficient way rather than in the air contactors themselves. Once extracted, the CO2 can be permanently stored underground or via industrial applications to achieve net removal from the atmosphere.

With low-temperature heat as its primary energy input, Unemit’s technology can be powered by simple and cheap concentrated solar or any other form of renewable energy. This is key both to ensuring net negative lifecycle emissions and to making it compatible with becoming a major part of the world’s energy system in order to remove hundreds of gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere this century.