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San Francisco, California



Bav Roy

Co-Founder, Verne

Bav is co-founder and COO of Verne and a Breakthrough Energy Business Fellow. With his Verne team, he is tackling the challenges posed by hydrogen storage. Typically, hydrogen is stored as a liquid or as compressed gas, making it costly to store and transport. The team at Verne is developing a new way to store hydrogen in its cryo-compressed state, offering high-density storage and low costs to unlock more applications for hydrogen fuel cells. With support of the BE Fellows program, Verne’s technology will rapidly increase the use of fuel cells and hydrogen power in heavy-duty transportation, helping to abate 10% of CO2 emissions.

Along with his Verne colleagues, Bav brings his experience in renewable energy, business operations, go-to-market strategy, and product development to the BE Fellows program. He grew up in Sydney, Australia surrounded by Australian bushland, where he developed a deep connection to nature and its conservation. Before moving to San Francisco, he worked as an engineer in the solar energy industry and as a consultant for Boston Consulting Group. Outside of work, he enjoys tennis, bouldering, board games and sci-fi. Bav earned a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Engineering from University of New South Wales and an MBA from Stanford University.


What inspired you to go into this field?
My parents and grandparents each accomplished a lot from humble beginnings in India, improving their own lives and those in their community. They have inspired me to make the most of the resources available to me to do good for our world.

What do you hope to achieve through the BE Fellows program that you would not be able to accomplish without it?
We hope to develop future generations of cryo-compressed hydrogen storage technology with breakthrough improvements in performance. Without the program, we wouldn’t have the financial flexibility to invest in developing future generations of this technology.

What is your favorite word and why?
Determination. Everything humanity has today is the direct result of someone’s determination. The same will be true once we solve the climate crisis.

I recently discovered that…
Almost one in five deaths globally (18%) are a result of exposure to particulate matter from fossil fuel emissions.