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San Francisco, California



Bingbin Yu

Chief Engineer, Aikido Technologies

Bingbin Yujoins Breakthrough Energy’s Innovator Fellows program from Aikido Technologies in San Francisco, California. She applies a background in naval architecture and offshore engineering to making offshore wind an economic solution for the world’s energy demand. At Aikido Technologies, Bingbin and her team are developing a self-erecting platform for floating, offshore wind turbines to overcome key barriers to increasing offshore wind energy production.

Aikido Technologies has designed a self-erecting platform for floating, offshore wind turbines. Their novel system integrates the platform and turbine into a fully assembled unit that can be transported horizontally and is narrow enough to access 80% of ports in the U.S. Once in place, a simple ballasting procedure upends the platform into operational configuration. Through the Fellows program, Aikido Technologies hopes to deploy their first open ocean pilot project.

Bingbin completed her Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University in Shanghai, China. She earned her Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering at the University of Michigan. She is driven by the promising field of renewable energy and the hope to be a part of the solution to the global climate and energy crisis.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
“Persistence,” given by my PhD advisor. This actually applies to a lot of things in life, not just PhD study.

Who has had the greatest impact on your career path?
My manager of my first job. Her energy, devotion and curiosity were very inspiring. She was always eager to learn more, happy to expand her area of knowledge, not afraid of confrontation and always stood her ground for what she believed was right (on technical issues).

What is your favorite word and why?
My favorite word is “rebound.” I believe it’s a very important mental power. Life is full of up and downs. Having the capability to bounce back and recover is a very precious gift for anyone.