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Carbon Removal


Boston, Massachusetts



Cameron Halliday

Co-Founder and CEO, Mantel Capture, Inc.

Cameron joins Breakthrough Energy’s Innovator Fellows program from Mantel Capture, Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts. With a background in engineering and over five years working in the carbon capture space, he combines his passion for science with a determination to use technology to tackle the toughest challenges facing the world today. At Mantel, Cameron and his colleagues are working to revolutionize carbon capture and storage with molten borates, a patented new material that has the potential to substantially reduce costs and energy losses relative to incumbent technologies.

Mantel’s patented solution is designed to operate at the high temperatures found inside boilers, kilns, and furnaces. The approach captures carbon dioxide at high temperatures, increasing efficiency by recovering heat in the carbon capture process. Once scaled, this process can be used in any high-temperature industrial process—such as cement and steel production—to help hard-to-abate sectors achieve net-zero emissions. Through the program, he hopes to advance Mantel’s technology to a stage where they are ready to scale commercially.

Cameron is originally from the United Kingdom and holds multiple degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, and a PhD in Chemical Engineering. Additionally, he earned a Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering with Management from Loughborough University in England.Cameron focused his studies on clean energy, separations, and carbon capture.


How did you learn about the Breakthrough Energy Fellows program and what inspired you to apply?
In the Fall of 2021, I took a Climate and Energy Ventures class at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Libby Wayman, a business and technology lead at Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Through this class I formed a team of individuals with a diverse set of experiences to help me understand whether or not my doctorate research had commercial potential. The
conclusion was a resounding yes, so we applied to the BE Fellows program to help us de-risk our carbon capture technology and provide a bridge to commercial scale.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Liverpool’s left midfielder.

What belief drives you?
Somewhere out there, someone is working harder than you.