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Erlangen, Germany



Francisco Pérez-Ojeda Rodríguez

Business Fellow

Francisco Pérez-Ojeda Rodriguez joins Breakthrough Energy’s Business Fellows program from Erlangen, Germany. Francisco is a seasoned energy industry professional with more than 18 years of experience in a variety of roles. As a Business Fellow, he is excited about collaborating with the brightest minds in the energy and climate space to tackle the challenge of commercializing and scaling new technologies

Throughout his career, Francisco held roles ranging from engineering to project management, proposals and portfolio management. Recently he has focused on the portfolio transformation of Siemens Energy by developing, scaling, and commercializing new technologies to decarbonize the energy industry.  He has worked in three different countries, including Spain, the United States and Germany, and led projects around the world.

He holds a Bachelors and a Masters in industrial engineering from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, ICAI School of Engineering in Madrid and the Sloan Fellows’ Master of Business Administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In his free time, Francisco enjoys spending time with family and friends, mountain biking and being outside.  


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 
Always assume good intention. It allows me to stay open and curious to learn from others.

Who has had the greatest impact on your career path?
My father, who was my role model and inspiration and encouraged me to start my career abroad.

What is your favorite word and why?
“Why not?” as an attitude towards life that keeps pushing me to explore and try new paths.