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Los Angeles, California



Molly Yang

Chief Executive Officer, Hgen

Molly joins Breakthrough Energy’s Innovator Fellows program from Hgen in Los Angeles, California. She brings to the company her expertise in scaling industrial and consumer energy products, having previously worked as an Energy Product Lead at Tesla. At Hgen, Molly is responsible for the strategy, product, and business development of their innovative hydrogen electrolysis technology.

Hgen’s technology uses renewable electricity to break water into clean hydrogen energy at higher-efficiency with lower costs. Hgen’s system is uniquely designed for renewables integration, and will help overcome current technical limitations –notably the intermittent power losses –that hinder clean hydrogen production. Through the Fellows program, Hgen will leverage their integrated, modular design to focus on reducing costs and scaling their technology.

Molly fell in love with remote and untouched places while traveling, which spurred her interest in natural ecosystems and climate technology. Previously, she worked in product management and venture capital, providing her with the foundation to scale technologies that enable clean and sustainable energy. Molly earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Secondary in Computer Science from Harvard University.


What do you like to do in your free time?
I like backpacking, traveling to remote places, and falling down deep, niche rabbit holes.

Share a fun fact about yourself:
My life goal is to dive with a blue whale.