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Conduit Tech


Heating and Cooling


Fort Lauderdale, Florida



Shelby Breger

Co-Founder, Conduit Tech

Shelby joins Breakthrough Energy’s Innovator Fellows program from Conduit Tech in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She brings her experience in helping scale other climate tech companies to Conduit Tech, which builds software and hardware tools that support residential heating and cooling electrification and efficiency.

Conduit Tech focuses on building tools for contractors that make it easier to install and maintain energy-efficient and electric heating, cooling, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. This equipment is often higher-end, more expensive, and more complicated to install, but vital to dramatically cut energy use and emissions of building heating and cooling. Through the Fellows program, Conduit Tech hopes to test and scale technologies that can further its mission to decarbonize the whole home.

Shelby started her career at McKinsey & Company, working on economic initiatives to create inclusive, high-value employment. Her passion for tech-enabled impact led her to focus on climate tech, including managing finance and operations at Via Separations, which works to decarbonize chemical separations. Shelby received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Master of Arts in Sociology at Stanford University, as well as her Master of Business Administration at Stanford Graduate School of Business.


What is the most impactful book that you have read?
“Making the Second Ghetto: Race and Housing in Chicago” by Arnold Hirsch. It fundamentally challenged my beliefs on how money and the built environment can be used as both a positive and negative force.

Who had the greatest impact on your career path?
My mom and dad. My parents prioritized my education over anything else. But far beyond that, they’ve always supported me in exploring my passions and interests. They have both been role models and thought partners at every step of the way.

What beliefs drive you?
I’m driven by two beliefs: 1) that we each have the power to change and grow and 2) that treating everyone kindly and with respect is core to making the world a better place.