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Food and Agriculture


Copenhagen, Denmark



Suzanne Zamany Andersen

CEO, NitroVolt

Suzanne Zamany Andersen joins Breakthrough Energy’s Innovator Fellows program from NitroVolt in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has worked on electrochemical ammonia synthesis for six years. As NitroVolt’s founder and CEO, Suzanne brings extensive scientific experience and personal drive to commercialize their pioneering technology.

NitroVolt is revolutionizing the nitrogen-based fertilizer industry by giving control of the production to the individual farmer, instead of relying on centralized production facilities. This new method of production cuts emissions from the transportation of the fertilizer and enables farmers to produce the fertilizer they need on demand. The Fellows program will help NitroVolt scale the technology from a lab-based system to a pilot unit capable of producing 1 kg/day of green ammonia.

Suzanne completed her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in physics and engineering as well as her Doctor of Philosophy in surface science and catalysis at the Technical University of Denmark. She was motivated to work on climate change after seeing the Icelandic glacier Sólheimajökull melting at an alarming rate during a summer hike.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
As someone who always tries to do everything perfectly, being told that it is okay to not be great at everything had a lasting positive impact on my life. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and while it is good to strive to improve your skills, it should not come at the cost of stress and mental strain if progress does not happen fast enough.

I recently discovered that:
Sperm whales have a language almost as complex as our own, and the first interspecies “Rosetta Stone” is being developed between humans and sperm whales.