Gates Notes Solving for Zero

New documentary and learning series explore some of the clean technology innovations that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions

What I like most about this project is that it leaves you with a sense of optimism about the world’s ability to solve this problem. The people profiled are inspiring on their own—and they’re just a few of the many innovators around the world who are trying to make it possible to decarbonize the world’s economy and prevent the very worst effects of climate change.

Bill Gates Founder, Breakthrough Energy

A new climate documentary and 10-part learning series based on Bill Gates’ book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster premieres on educational streaming platform Wondrium today. Through in-depth interviews with inventors and climate experts, Solving for Zero explores how we can tackle the five Grand Challenges—the major sources of today’s global greenhouse emissions—through innovation.

Clean technology innovators from across the Breakthrough Energy network are featured throughout the documentary and series including Breakthrough Energy Ventures companies Ecocem, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, Malta, and Breakthrough Energy Fellows company Verne, among others. The documentary and learning series are entertaining and educational resources that elevate the innovation in this space and the need to create pathways for these critical climate technologies.

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