Our Team Carmichael Roberts Business Lead, Investment Committee, Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Carmichael co-leads the investment committee of BEV.

He is co-founder and managing partner of Material Impact, a venture fund that builds resilient technology companies developing products to solve real-world problems using innovative materials. Material Impact companies collectively have a mission to keep the world healthy, safe, fed, warm, powered, and secure.

Carmichael’s strategy as a venture investor is partly based on his entrepreneurial experience building companies and commercializing university-based technology in partnership with Fortune 500 companies.

Carmichael serves as Vice Chairman of the Duke University Board of Trustees. Carmichael also serves on the boards for the Consumer Technology Association, WGBH, and Massachusetts General Hospital Physicians Organization. Carmichael is also a Finance Leaders Fellow with the Aspen Institute.

Carmichael received his BS and PhD in organic chemistry from Duke University and completed his postdoctoral National Science Foundation fellowship at Harvard University. He also has an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.