Our Team Daniel Muldrew Research Software Engineer, Breakthrough Energy Sciences

Daniel joined Breakthrough Energy in July 2020 making contributions which range from the grid modeling platform to the public-facing website. Prior to BE, he was with the grid modeling team at Global Good within Intellectual Ventures where he helped improve large-scale grid modeling performance.

His first energy-related research experience was at General Atomics, where he helped create finite element models of inertial confinement fusion target designs for the National Ignition Facility. After that he switched fields to develop software to analyze the information content in neural spiking data collected during electrophysiology experiments at the Salk Institute, and later at the NIMH. From there, he was research staff in a robotics laboratory at Dartmouth implementing computational neuroscience models for robotic movement. Prior to joining the grid modeling team, he was at Microsoft where he worked on big data analytics for the Windows platform and store.

Daniel has a technical background in mathematics and physics from Reed College culminating in a thesis on quantum computing algorithms. In his spare time, Daniel is learning something new at a meetup event or hackathon. He’s also an avid sailor, photographer, and board gamer.