Our Team Dhileep Sivam Vice President, Breakthrough Energy Sciences

Dhileep joined Breakthrough Energy in the summer of 2020, where he helped create Breakthrough Energy Sciences (BES) – a group of engineers and software developers who conduct research and build software tools to help the world achieve net zero emissions by 2050. BES conducts internal research, coordinates a network of university research collaborations, forges partnerships with government and advocacy agencies, and provides open source energy modelling software to the research community at large.

Prior to joining Breakthrough Energy Dhileep held research, business development, and management roles in the biotech, global health, and private equity industries. His research focused on building computational models for drug development and his subsequent career focused on managing technology partnerships, coordinating research collaborations, and technology commercialization. Beginning in 2015 he began building the research team that would eventually become BES.

Dhileep was born in Sri Lanka, spent the early part of his childhood in the Washington D.C. area, attended the University of Washington for both undergrad and his PhD, and has since resided in Seattle. In his spare time, Dhileep enjoys home improvement projects, playing and watching sports of all kinds, reading, and photography.