Our Team Farah Benahmed Manager, U.S. Policy & Advocacy

Farah joined Breakthrough Energy’s Policy and Advocacy team in August 2020, where she works to spur clean energy innovation in the United States. She focuses on grantmaking, policy development and advocacy, coalition building, and furthering BE’s overall mission of getting to net-zero emissions as quickly as possible.

Prior to joining Breakthrough Energy, Farah led Third Way’s clean energy innovation portfolio. She supported and developed innovation policies, managed the team’s federal appropriations work, and led two bipartisan working groups focused on advancing innovation policy. During her time at Third Way, she testified at a House Science Space and Technology Committee hearing focused on how accelerating clean energy innovation and technology transfer can contribute to an economic recovery and a clean energy future.

Farah previously worked in the front office of the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy during both the Obama and Trump Administrations. Farah was a 2019 fellow at the Clean Energy Leadership Institute and holds a Bachelor’s in Science in Psychology from the University of Maryland College Park.

Farah lives in New York City with her husband Cole and their labradoodle Milo. Apart from family time, she enjoys exploring the city, weekend getaways, and burying her head in fiction novels.