Our Team Merrielle Ondreika Software Development Engineer, Breakthrough Energy Sciences

Merrielle is the lead engineer for the Breakthrough Energy Sciences website. She joined the team in September 2019 and has worked with them to design and build the website from the ground up. She is responsible for making sure the website tells the story of the team’s work while simultaneously providing value to a broad audience composed of researchers, policy makers, and the general public.

Prior to Breakthrough Energy, Merrielle worked at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. During these years she worked as a software engineer on Semantic Scholar, an academic search engine with over 180 million papers from all fields of science. At the Allen Institute, Merrielle collaborated with a small team to start a diversity initiative that grew from hosting meetups for women in tech to sponsoring a student at ADA Developers Academy and granting a full ride scholarship at the University of Washington for women and underrepresented minorities in tech.

Merrielle has also worked for Amazon Web Services where she helped launch their business intelligence product, QuickSight. Merrielle hails from Massachusetts and holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Currently Merrielle lives in Seattle and in her free time enjoys classic Seattleite hobbies: hiking, biking, rock climbing, and board games. She individuates herself by singing karaoke and occasionally foraging for mushrooms in the woods.