Our Team Victoria Hunt Data Scientist, Breakthrough Energy Sciences

Victoria is a data scientist on the Breakthrough Energy Sciences team, where she is responsible for impact analysis and data visualization across multiple research efforts including Breakthrough Energy Catalyst and the Grid Modelling Project. She has a PhD from University of Illinois – Chicago, where her thesis focused on computational ecology and modelling of complex ecological systems. Before joining the Breakthrough Energy Sciences team, she supported electric grid modelling efforts as a member of the Clean Energy Modelling team at Intellectual Ventures. Previously, she worked as a data analyst for the Global Health Technologies team at Intellectual Ventures, and as affiliate faculty in the Urban Design and Planning Department of University of Washington. She is keenly interested in policy, and in supporting renewable energy policy though data visualization and data storytelling. Victoria’s passion for policy is also reflected in her pursuits outside of her role on the Breakthrough Energy Sciences Team; she is City Council President for the City of Issaquah, and in this role serves on several regional boards and commissions on topics including natural resource management and salmon conservation. She and her husband have two young children, and enjoy outdoor activities including camping and hiking.