Our Team Yifan Li Sr. Research Scientist, Breakthrough Energy Sciences

Yifan joined Breakthrough Energy Science in November 2020 as a member of the research scientist team. He is dedicated to conduct research on clean energy and develop industry-applicable expansion models to support relevant studies. He also helps improve current study process, build conversations and collaboration with the utilities industry using his past experiences.

Prior to Breakthrough Energy Science, Yifan worked with California ISO and Midcontinent ISO for a total of 8 years as a transmission planning and policy studies engineer, focusing on reliability and economic system planning, transmission projects justification, renewable impact studies, and planning optimization research. He had frequent communication with stakeholder community on system planning outcomes, and has done many public presentations in different forums like FERC and DOE.

Yifan graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University, focusing on the U.S national transmission overlay design for high renewable future. He started the development of expansion model to optimize transmission and generation system design to facilitate high penetration of clean energy, which has later been used in multiple academia and industry studies, including the NREL Seams study, to come up with system expansion solutions. His research interests also include electricity market and graph theory application in power systems. He enjoys watching sports and traveling in leisure time when there is no power system related discussion.