Our Team Yixing Xu Research Director, Breakthrough Energy Sciences

Yixing joined Breakthrough Energy as the Chief Scientist and system architect of the energy system modeling project at Breakthrough Energy Sciences in 2020. Yixing works with a talented and diverse team of research scientists, data scientists, and software engineers to explore potential pathways to 100% clean energy and build open-source software. His research focuses on clean energy technology and energy policy. The goal of his open-source software effort is to support industry experts, policy makers, and academic researchers in studying the future energy system. Yixing also collaborates with researchers at universities (e.g. Stanford University and Texas A&M University), and experts in the industry (e.g. Energy Sytems Integration Group) to solve the most challenging problems in the clean energy transition.

Yixing has spent the entirety of his academic and industrial career working in clean energy field, starting in 2014 at Intellectual Ventures where he founded the grid modeling project, and led a diverse team of experts to build a high-resolution electric grid model to support large scale clean energy integration. Yixing was awarded with Impact Award in 2019 for his leadership and contribution. Previously, he worked at Alstom Grid to build energy market clearing engines for the energy industry. Yixing has published over 10 papers, book chapters, and technical reports in top journals and conferences, and delivered invited talks.

Yixing finished his PhD and postdoc at Texas A&M University, bachelor’s degree at Tsinghua University, all focusing on clean energy.

Yixing is based in Seattle, Washington. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, hiking, playing piano, playing basketball, dancing, and sharing his travel experience and tips to help more travelers exploring this wonderful world.