Our Work Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Investing in Innovation

BEV is an investment firm seeking to finance, launch, and scale companies that will eliminate greenhouse gas emissions throughout the global economy. Part of Breakthrough Energy’s network of investment vehicles, BEV has raised more than $2 billion in committed capital to support more than 100 cutting-edge companies.


Fund Size

$1 Billion
$1.25 Billion
BEV Europe
€100 Million

Guided by the Grand Challenges, BEV invests in companies that can:

  • Create technologies with the potential to reduce greenhouse gases, at scale, by at least a half a gigaton every year
  • Attract other investors
  • Fill critical gaps in climate technology

BEV is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and companies with our unique combination of technical, operational, market, and policy expertise. Our team is made up of technical experts, operators, and entrepreneurs whose deep scientific knowledge allows them to identify technology gaps and potentially fill them.

A Partnership for Breakthroughs