Our Work Breakthrough Energy Catalyst

Accelerating the Deployment of Clean Technologies

Breakthrough Energy Catalyst (BEC) is a first-of-its-kind funding program that brings together organizations from across the private sector to accelerate the deployment of critical climate technologies by funding early commercial-scale projects.

To get to zero by 2050, we need to bring promising climate technologies to scale as fast as we can. We’re working to close funding gaps and create markets for low-carbon products by reducing their Green Premiums.

What we do

Catalyst funds early commercial demonstration projects for critical technologies that have already been proven at a pilot scale.

We are starting in four key areas where we believe, with the right investments, clean alternatives can displace carbon-intensive technologies:

  • Clean Hydrogen to decarbonize industry
  • Direct Air Capture to remove CO2 from the atmosphere
  • Long Duration Energy Storage to provide clean, reliable power
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuels to power aviation

We chose these technologies because they have great potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in some of the most carbon-intensive industries. Catalyst funding can bring down their Green Premium significantly, lowering costs and increasing market readiness. It can also accelerate the “learning-by-doing” cycle that drives down costs over the long term.

Our Partners

Catalyst is building a global ecosystem of public- and private-sector partners dedicated to scaling the energy innovations the planet needs to thrive. We combine governments’ climate resources with private sector expertise in commercializing products, and we welcome partnerships with companies interested in delivering clean, affordable, reliable energy to all.

Applying for Catalyst financing

Using either catalytic equity or grants, Catalyst provides project financing to the technologies with the greatest potential to reduce the Green Premium, accelerate market adoption, and reduce emissions. Projects that are eligible for funding should apply to the Catalyst RFPs in the US, EU, or UK. In the coming months, Catalyst will open funding eligibility and project selection to innovators around the world.

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