Working together The Breakthrough Energy Network

To get to zero, the world needs a comprehensive approach to innovation at every step from the lab to the global marketplace. Breakthrough Energy’s broad network of partnerships and programs approaches each challenge from multiple angles.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures

A set of investment funds to support companies whose technologies can significantly reduce emissions from agriculture, buildings, electricity, manufacturing, and transportation

Breakthrough Energy Catalyst

A novel platform that funds and invests in project companies utilizing emerging climate technologies that reduce emissions to accelerate their adoption worldwide

Breakthrough Energy Fellows

A global program supporting promising inventors and researchers working on new technologies that could significantly reduce carbon emissions

Policy & Advocacy

Analysts, experts, and advocates working to advance smart public policy that encourages innovation and tackles decarbonization head on

Breakthrough Energy Europe

A seasoned team of experts working with partners across the European continent  to support research into clean technologies, amplify the voices of clean entrepreneurs, and grow markets for clean solutions

Bill Gates headshot

More than anything, we will succeed because of the network of partners we bring to this effort. The investors, philanthropists, corporate and policy leaders who are part of the Breakthrough Energy ecosystem – it will take all of us to compel the major market changes we need to create the future we want for the world."

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